Sales Funnel Strategy & Action Plan - A long-term strategic approach to digital marketing

You're ready. You've got a solid business plan. Your branding is on point and you've been using digital marketing to connect with customers, increase brand awareness and drive engagement.

Let me do the hard work for you.

Book my Sales Funnel package and you will get not only the strategy I develop for your individual tourism business, but you'll also learn how to create, implement and execute a campaign that actually converts.

You can either have the DIY option which comes with my easy to follow step-by-step action plan as your guide or alternatively I can do this all for you.

Driving traffic to your tourism business

Sales Funnel Strategy & Action Plan Package

Price: $660*

60-minute initial consultation

An initial catch-up will help me understand the ins and outs of your individual tourism business, including your marketing goals and objectives. During this session, we'll develop a long-term and short-term sales funnel strategy.

Development of the sales funnel & campaign strategy to promote your tourism business

I'll then develop a custom sales funnel & campaign strategy designed to find attract and convert your ideal customers.

Step-by-step implementation guide to help you launch with ease

If you choose the DIY option, then I will give you the guide to take it from a plan so that you know exactly how to make it happen! You'll feel confident to implement everything yourself or alternatively I can take the reigns and do it all for you.*

30-minute follow-up consultation

For those DIYers this allows you to reach out to me for advice.

*For those who choose the option for me to implement and manage your sales funnel for you this is an additional cost and a personalise quote will be provided based on your business's needs.

Ready to find out how we can bring a fresh perspective to your tourism businesses challenges and help you envision - and achieve - a future with unlimited possibilities.