Growing your new small business with marketing

Marketing for a new small business

As a small new business, getting your marketing off to the right start is important. 

As part of our marketing consultancy services for new small businesses, we can:

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    Create a customised 12-month marketing plan 
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    Develop and manage your marketing activities
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    Develop a way to differentiate your product or service
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    Create your small business branding and website
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    Understand your individual market through research
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    Create a competitor review
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    Set up your business on Google

If you want to catch up to see how we can help your new small business with your marketing, then contact us today!

Tourism marketing coaching

How do we help

We will work with you to achieve your individual business and marketing goals through the use of some of the tools outlined below:

Marketing Plan

The main purpose of a marketing plan for a new small business is to provide you with a tool to assist in the achieving of your individual business goals. Am marketing plan provides a new small business with structure in your marketing, rather than adhoc, unstructured activity. It creates consistency in the frequency of your marketing activity and in the message being communicated to your market. This is key for any new small business.

Develop and Manage Marketing Activities

Based on the marketing plan, we will then work with you to create marketing activities that best suit the growth and promotion of your business. As small business marketing consultants we are focused on creating consistency and the retelling of your message.

Business Branding and Website

Branding is very important as it is a key element in how your business is perceived. With the experience Kreative Social Media has accumulated over the years working with various industries, we can create your brand logo and all branding elements.

Competitor Review

A review of the competition is essential to give you a better understanding of your marketplace and to identify a way to differentiate your small business from the competition. Without knowing what the competition are doing, it is impossible to stand out from them.

Product and Service Review

Kreative Social Media Consultants examine and review the products and/or services your small business provides to get a better understanding of your offer and assist in the overall communication of it.

Marketing Research

Kreative Social Media Consultants will undertake research in the marketplace so that we have a better understanding of your business and its internal and external environment.

I would love to catch up with you for a chat to see how we can bring a fresh perspective to your small businesses challenges and help you envision - and achieve - a future with unlimited possibilities.