How a virtual marketing assistant can help grow your tourism business

Hours upon hours can be spent trying to grow or develop your tourism business. But how spend your valuable time could actually end up hindering your tourism business from becoming successful. Hiring a virtual marketing assistant can free up some time you may be spending on marketing and replace it with what you do best.

An extra set of hands can help with creating newsletters, social media content creation, posting content on your blog, answering emails from clients or responding to social media mentions. A virtual marketing assistant can also take charge of a marketing campaign or product launch.

A virtual marketing assistant can help your tourism business on a short or long-term basis. They can assist you with a specific project or provide assistance for a certain number of hours per week or month. This means that they can provide assistance when you really need it most eg leading up to the peak holiday season or to increase bookings during your off-season.

Tips for creating a great working relationship with your virtual marketing assistant:

1. Determine your needs before hiring

You need to have clear expectations and clear boundaries in relation to the role. Are you looking for your virtual marketing assistant to take on more of a project management or task-oriented role.

2. How to find a marketing virtual assistant

Ask around as finding a marketing virtual assistant via a referral gives you insider information on their skills and knowledge. Also determine if they have experience within the tourism industry as an understanding of the terminology and unique challenges your tourism business faces is important to the overall success of the relationship and work produced.

3. Take it slowly

Always have a ‘discovery’ session via Skype or in person (if this is possible). This is really important for both parties because if you can’t build a rapport during this time then you probably aren’t going to be a good fit and working together is not going to be as successful as it should. Start out on a trial basis instead of signing a long-term contract straight away is a good approach to take, particularly if you haven’t worked with a marketing virtual assistant before.

4. Specify any technical skills needed

A virtual marketing assistant with a high technical skill level will be able to adapt to new systems easily and quite seamlessly but the learning curve for a less experienced assistant who may not be a marketing or tourism specialist may be steeper. If you have specific requirements or preferences, make sure you discuss them at the outset.

5. Manage – don’t micro-manage

Once you engage your virtual marketing assistant, the first few weeks will be a bit of a learning curve for both of you. It is very important that you trust your virtual marketing assistant enough to do the role you have engaged them for without second- guessing them.

There is a difference between monitoring the material being produced to ensure that it is a representation of your tourism brand and being a micro-manager.

6. Don’t delegate your pet projects

If you can’t really let go of a specific project or task then don’t. Because even if you do delegate this then you will be constantly thinking about it and it will continue to absorb a significant amount of your time and energy. This defeats the whole idea of engaging a virtual marketing assistant. Keep the tasks you’re attached to on your to-do-list until you are ready to let them go.

7. Remember why you hired a virtual marketing assistant

Being able to focus on the tasks that inspire you and keep your business moving forward is one of the reasons for you to work with a virtual marketing assistant. Keep that in mind when you are planning how you can make the best use of the extra time you will now have to work ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ your business and how this will help you grow your tourism business to a new level.

If you would like to find out more about hiring a virtual marketing assistant for your tourism business then contact us today to arrange a time for a no-obligation chat.