Why email marketing is an essential strategy for tourism

Why email marketing is an essential strategy for tourism

Are you wanting to create better communication with your customers? Email marketing is a highly effective marketing tool for tourism businesses. It allows you to nurture relationships with your current, future and potential customers. Keeping in touch via email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment of all the marketing you can do (other than work of mouth). So even though email marketing seems like it has been around for ever it has revolutionised itself to become more of a show pony and is now a key component to generating leads and sales for your tourism business.

Growing sustainable long-term relationships and developing loyal valuable tourism customers is a growing challenge. The reason why email marketing is so powerful, is because it is permission based. This means that people have made a conscious decision to ‘opt-in’ to receive communication from you and are therefore more engaged than those on other forms of online marketing which in turn positions them further along the buying funnel resulting in a higher chance of purchase. Targeting travellers comes down to reaching the right people at the right time with your unique offer. Potential travellers are liking to begin their online research well in advance of when they actually finalise their arrangements and make their bookings.

Developing an effective email strategy means they you must establish an ongoing interactive relationship with your prospects and customers. To assist with this, you should use profiling of your prospects and customers to gain an insight into all their wants, needs and desires. This way you can ensure that the communication you are sending out is targeted to them.

Some tips on email marketing for tourism:

  • Establish yourself as the expert when you send out professional newsletters filled with tips
  • Motivate more bookings with instant news of great deals
  • Create newsletters to deliver specific content about your destination
  • Use quality images and videos to showcase your business and the destination
  • Interact with customers through surveys
  • When people sign up for your newsletter they are expecting to hear from you
  • Whilst not everyone is on social media most people do have an email address
  • Email marketing can be a key component in driving traffic to your website as the information that you are should be redirecting the reader to your website to ‘read more’. Include only a snippet of a blog post, news article or a promotion then refer them to your website to read the full ‘story’
  • A benefit of sending out sales promotions to your newsletter subscribers is that all sales conversions from the email can be tracked in your website’s Google Analytics if you have online bookings and Google Analytics installed
  • Email is a personal and friendly form of communicate which allows for relationship building. It is like receiving an email from a good friend
  • Customers are checking their emails on their smartphones so you can talk to them where they are spending their time
  • Your email database belongs to you whereas social media is only ‘rented’ and therefore you don’t own it. If something happens on social media eg an algorithm change, you could suddenly lose all contact with your customers. Therefore, by encouraging customers to sign up to your email database it is like an insurance policy against the third party social media providers

How can using email newsletter software help:

  • Easily create your own great looking email campaigns. It is easy and fast, you just select a template and add you own content with no technical knowledge required
  • Send personalised emails to all your subscribers immediately or schedule for later delivery
  • View real times reports of opens, clicks, bounces and much more. Easily analyse and compare multiple campaigns
  • Import your email list and filter subscribers to target specific market segments. Automated list management to organise unsubscribe emails and remove duplications
  • Delivery testing ensures that your email is tested against popular spam filters, firewalls and email programs. This is important as it will ensure that you achieve the best possible delivery rates

Facebook advertising and your email list

You might already be doing some marketing on Facebook for your tourism business but if you are probably not taking full advantage of the power of the combination of your email marketing strategy and Facebook lookalike audiences.

Your email list is a goldmine of customer data and it creates a resource of promising leads as they have already moved through the initial step and are well on their way through your conversion funnel.

They already know about your tourism business and by signing up they have identified their interest about wanting to know more and to keep in touch with you. This is the key reason why email marketing is such a powerful component of your tourism marketing strategy.

In Facebook, you create the Lookalike audience and then choose your custom audience of newsletter contacts as the source group. By utilising your mailing list, it is providing a reliable and high-quality source of leads. By targeting a new audience that is similar to your already qualified leads then the chances of getting good returns on your ads greatly increases.

If you need a hand to setup you email newsletter template or would prefer someone to manage your email database and send your newsletters for you, then we can help. Just click here to send us an email and we will contact you to arrange a time to catch up.