You don't want to crash their party, you want to be on their VIP list.

Why us?

We're social people. Beyond getting invited to lots of parties, we understand how you can translate what may seem like the frivolous online interaction of your customers into engaging with them in a way that makes your brand more meaningful. We know who is where, what they're doing, and the best ways you can interact with them. It's like knowing the dress code for every occasion, the right wine to bring to dinner, and whether a rom-com or a thriller is the best choice for movie night. You don't want to crash their party, you want to be on the top of their VIP list.

Kirstie Johnston   |  Chief Socialite and Specialist Marketing Virtual Assistant

I partner with small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups  to provide virtual marketing support to help their business thrive.

With 22 year's experience working in customer service, sales & marketing, administration and management roles with a strong focus on service based industries I've learnt first- hand what works and what doesn't work.

Now I get to share everything I know and have learnt through my many triumphs (& all the disappointments), to business owners just like you.

From "How to" to "What not not to do" I can help you achieve your business goals by either teaching you - step by step - how to implement and execute social media marketing strategies and campaigns tailored specifically to your business goals OR alternatively you can hand the reigns over to me and we can tailor a package ranging from me doing it all or just some tasks depending on your individual needs.

Would you like to achieve any of the following?

  • Overcome overwhelm and learn the in's and out's of Social Media Marketing
  • Design a digital marketing strategy that delivers long-term results and a return on investment
  • Leverage the digital world to reach more customers who would love to experience your tourism business and ultimately get more leads, clients and sales
  • Launch a Facebook advertising campaign that aligns with your marketing objectives
  • Create and implement a sales funnel to attract your ideal customers
  • Automate your email marketing to nurture and convert to give more sales consistency throughout the year

But before you get overwhelmed thinking your business is going to get sucked into the black hole of online oblivion, I can help.