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5 Reasons Your Tourism Business Should Be Using ‘Google My Business’

Almost 70% of online searches are made via Google. Google My Business allows the physical location of your business to be found on Google Maps which lets your customers locate your more easily. It is the new Yellow pages with the addition of your exact address and location being provided via Google Maps. If you customers are searching for you on a mobile device they can received turn-by-turn directions to your door via Google Maps.

1. Get more traffic for free

Who doesn’t want free advertising for their tourism business? That is what you are getting with Google My Business. You need to take advantage of every advertising opportunity that you can and there is nothing better than being able to advertise to customers in your area for no charge. Additionally, it can drive traffic to your website.

2. Track leads

You can find out how your customers found your tourism business and what they searched for online.

3. Share photos

You can create a virtual tour online to showcase your tourism business. According to Google’s data, “businesses that added photos to their listings received 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks through to their websites.”

4. Analyse phone call data

With custom insights, you can even keep track of how many calls you’ve received. Because the contact number is clickable it can record what has dialled you from your listing

5. Beat scammers

Is your business name similar to another one? Because you have to verify your tourism brand it means that you don’t have to worry about customers being confused.

How to sign up and have your tourism business listed on Google My Business

To start, you need to have an account with Google and if you don’t already have one you will need to set one up. Once you are all setup to go to google.com/business. You will be asked to agree to some terms and conditions from Google and then be taken to a form for you to complete with details of your tourism business such as name, phone number and category. To confirm that you really do exist you will need to verify your tourism business, this can be done via phone, text or post. Until you have verified your tourism business no information will be displayed to protect against scammers.

Tips for How to Properly Use Google My Business

Once you have completed the sign up and verification process here are a few tips to maximise your listing:

Use keywords

One of the most important steps is the completion of the keywords and category section. Include a description of your tourism business that is appealing and accurately describes what you offer your customers.

Utilise images and videos

Your Google My Business listing can include up to 10 images and five videos for no charge. Remember that this is free advertising so make the most of it! Include not only internal images but those of the outside or key landmarks so when your customers are trying to find you that know what to look for.

Create a Google My Business Page for each of your locations

If you have multiple locations for your tourism business then you need to create a different listing for each location with its specific address, contact details and images.

Encourage customer reviews

Make sure that your satisfied customers tell everyone else about you by leaving a review and rating their experience. Remember that a better rating will attract more customers in a big way, it is almost a guarantee for tourism businesses. Always make sure that these are genuine reviews otherwise they will do more harm than good. If Google suspects that they aren’t authentic or they suspect that you are simply soliciting reviews for a higher rating then if could have the opposite desired effect and actually push your rating down rather than up.

Whilst Google My Business is not as ‘flashy’ as some of the other social media options available is an essential tool for your tourism business. Making life easier for your current and potential customers by ensuring that your business can be easily found is a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Do you have any questions or need some help setting up your Google My Business page? Contact us today we are here to help you achieve success with your tourism business.